Good day People of GOD.

Today we will be looking at John 14: 12, where JESUS assures us that if we believe, we can do the works HE did, and greater.

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father ( John 14: 12 NIV).

This is one the many ‘open checks’ the Lord JESUS gives us in the Bible. But, the first requirement is to believe in HIM. Believe in HIS Awesome Personality, HIS Awesome Name, HIS Awesome Power and HIS Awesome Works. Not only will you do those works, YOU WILL DO GREATER WORKS, if you Believe, be always Conscious of it, Declare it and Expect that this is your portion (BCDE). Thus, JESUS is in effect saying you can do greater things than HIM. You can stand on HIS Shoulders and do greater works. This is the trait of a great leader. You see, JESUS is SO AWESOME as a Leader.

But first, do you believe this is possible? Sure, you defer to CHRIST. You respect HIM deeply. You bow to HIM all the time. Now, how can HE say you shall be greater than HIM? Was HE kidding? The good news I have for you is no. You are ambassadors of CHRIST on earth (2 Corinthians 5: 20). You are like Awesome JESUS on earth (1 John 4: 17). JESUS is more righteous than the most righteous. There is no unrighteousness in HIM (Psalm 92: 15). The path of the righteous is like a shining light that brighter and brighter till the full light of day. Thus, the Path of CHRIST has to shine brighter and brighter every year, to adjust with the present times. As well as receive more people into the Church of CHRIST. Some healing miracles were SO AMAZING in JESUS’ time, but now, science has probably found a solution to some of those problems that resulted in the miracles. Moreover, why would JESUS say something if HE did not mean it? Awesome JESUS HIMSELF says in Matthew 5: 18:

For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished (NIV).

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You get my point? The point is you need to make yourself available to do greater works than CHRIST, so The Church can move forward. So that more people can be convinced to become Christians. So that the Church can reach its ‘full light of day’.  

Apart from BCDE (Believing, being Conscious of it, Declaring and Expecting it), you need the help of the HOLY SPIRIT to do greater works than CHRIST. JESUS knew how important this was. HE told HIS Disciples that HE had to go, and that HE will send the HOLY SPIRIT (John 14: 16). The HOLY SPIRIT is the Spirit of Power (Isaiah 11: 2). Without the Power of Awesome JEHOVAH, you cannot do greater works than CHRIST. Endeavour to make yourself and heart available for GOD to use. Only when your heart is available can GOD truly use you to do great things in HIS Kingdom. May the HOLY SPIRIT help you. Amen.

If you pay attention to current events and the history of the Church, you would agree that men have indeed done greater works than CHRIST by the Help of Awesome HOLY SPIRIT. JESUS conducted crusades with maximum 12 thousand people in attendance (the five thousand men HE fed included wives, children, female slaves etc). Nowadays powerful men of GOD hold crusades where the HOLY SPIRIT is present to do Wonders, and several millions of people are in attendance. With the advent of television and internet, people connect to these great crusades from wherever they are on the planet. These places are sometimes millions and billions of miles far away from the place the crusade is held. Yet, the HOLY SPIRIT does Awesome Wonders and Miracles for people so far away from the Crusade ground. This did not happen in CHRIST’s time.

What about the great men and women of GOD of the 20th century like Benson Idahosa, Kenneth Hagin, Yeongi Cho (who’s still alive today),  great men of GOD of today like Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor EA Adeboye & Dr DK Olukoya (from Nigeria), Rick Warren,etc (from the US)-  these men reach out to more people than JESUS physically did.

There have also been miracles of rising from the dead wrought by the HOLY SPIRIT through HIS Servants. Thus, you have to agree that the HOLY SPIRIT is actually using people to do greater works than CHRIST to GOD’s Greatest Glory. It is wrong to think it is not possible to do greater works than CHRIST. This is why you are redeemed in CHRIST for Heaven’s sake! You just have to make yourself available for the HOLY SPIRIT to use.


May the LORD bless the study of HIS Word in JESUS’ Name!

Please, leave a comment below. I want to hear from anybody who reads this post. I want to hear your views and criticism (I am still learning).

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GOD bless you all ♥♥♥

AmataDei Ifeoluwa Oluyeju (Love)

© May 2016



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