Your experiences in life are as rich as your faith. If you are more of a skeptic than a believer, you would not get anything useful done with your life. Great post!

Revelations From Daddy in Heaven


We are to know where our affliction comes from and who our adversary is. People will turn to themselves and be influenced by the enemy to make choices; think God, good and Satan, bad.  We live in a fallen world where every decision has a consequence whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.  In fact, some of the most devastating circumstances occur because believer’s don’t make any choice at all, allowing another person to usurp their authority because they didn’t pray or take action. The decisions that are not of God cause affliction, yet it is not always a clear cut distinction of motive when people’s emotions are involved.  People have freewill because God longed for us to choose Him in relationship.   Choosing life is our responsibility, and we do so by faithfully walking through hardship, knowing Daddy in Heaven doesn’t send it.  When one does not…

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