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Today we will be looking at Psalm 34: 10, where the Psalmist says that those who seek the LORD will lack no good thing, even if young lions may lack and suffer hunger.

The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing (NIV).

The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing (KJV).

The young lions lack [food] and grow hungry, but they who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing (AMP).

Those who seek the LORD WILL LACK NO GOOD THING. Even lions may grow weak and hungry.

Not only real lions may grow hungry. Even’ human lions’- the powerful men and women of this world- may grow weak and hungry. YET, THOSE WHO SEEK THE LORD SHALL LACK NO GOOD THING.

This is the promise GOD gave to HIS People, who seek and serve HIM Faithfully. When you seek the LORD truthfully and wholeheartedly, you will find HIM (Jeremiah 29: 13), and you will lack no good thing. What are the ‘good things’ referred to in this Scripture? They go far beyond some good things people desire so much on earth as like power, prosperity, influence, riches & wealth, children. a family, a wife or husband, fulfilment of destiny, good clothes, etc.

Other important good things are the following. Divine health. Prosperity. Longevity. Joy. Happiness. Love. Friendship. Acceptance. Contentment. These are things MONEY CANNOT BUY. Yet, we need these things for life itself to be worth living. Your life would not be worth much if you are constantly ill, sad, and dying, would it? What is the point of being rich and comfortable if you are not content with what you have? If you have no friends or loved ones, would you enjoy life? It is a privilege to have people who love and care about you in your life. Obviously, because JESUS lives, we can face tomorrow. Life is worth living because HE lives. This is also why we can only get these things if we truly fear GOD.


GOD has said if you seek HIM with all your heart, you will find HIM (Jeremiah 29: 13).  GOD is omnipresent- HE is everywhere (Jeremiah 23: 24; Proverbs 15: 3). But, only when you seek HIM wholeheartedly do you find HIM. Seeking GOD is worth everything it costs you. This is because you have to give up worldly things or solutions to find GOD. The Bible says that friendship with the world is enmity with GOD (James 4: 4). If you are not ready to give up the world, you cannot successfully seek GOD and find HIM. It is impossible for you to look up and down at the same time- one eye cannot be looking up, while the other is looking down. You have to make a choice. In the same way, you must make a choice to choose to look up to GOD and seek HIM with the thirst to find HIM, and only then can you find GOD. When you find GOD, you will lack no good thing. JESUS even said that you cannot serve GOD and mammon (Matthew 6: 24). You cannot serve two things- you either love one or hate the other.  ‘Mammon’ in this context refers to anything you put in the place of GOD in your life or anything you are relying on in the place of GOD. So, you have to make a choice to seek GOD only, and wholeheartedly, and that’s when you can find HIM.

Seeking GOD is so worth it. What good things are you looking to have? No matter what it is, GOD is the only way you can get it and it will last. If you go to the devil, he will give you what you want, and add trouble. If you go to a man for help, he will disappoint you because he is imperfect and when he is tired of you, he will dump you. Only the blessings of GOD makes rich, and adds no sorrow (Proverbs 10: 22). GOD is the only one who gives liberally, and without condemnation (James 1: 5). It is a privilege to be alive and to have loved ones who love and care about you. It is a privilege to be in good health, and not be sickly. These are the good things of life, and only GOD can give you freely, without asking for payment.


Even better is the fact that the more you seek GOD, the closer you will get to HIM, and you get to make Heaven. Worldly people who chose the world over GOD will perish in hell in eternity, if they do not repent. Remember the Rich Fool- he chose wealth and worldly things over GOD, and he refused to give glory to GOD for his good fortune. He also did not show mercy to poor Lazarus, but treated him with contempt. The night he was glorifying himself and refused to give glory to GOD, he died, and was cast into hell (Luke 12: 13-21). If you have not realised, the hope of making Heaven is indeed one of the good things of life. When you are confident that if JESUS comes now, you will be part of the saints who will follow HIM, it is a privilege. Thus, it is worth every worldly ‘good’ thing you give up to seek GOD, serve HIM faithfully, and find HIM. Only in HIS Hands can you find the good things of life.

Prayer: Thank YOU LORD for the study of YOUR Word. HOLY SPIRIT, empower me to genuinely seek GOD wholeheartedly and find HIM. Amen.



May the LORD bless the study of HIS Awesome Word in JESUS’ Name!

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