2 Samuel 15: 18-22 HOW LOYAL ARE YOU?



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Today, we will look at Loyalty and a place in the Scriptures where it is shown poignantly: 2 Samuel 15: 18-22.

18 to let all the king’s men move past to lead the way. There were 600 men from Gath who had come with David, along with the king’s bodyguard.[a] 19 Then the king turned and said to Ittai, a leader of the men from Gath, “Why are you coming with us? Go on back to King Absalom, for you are a guest in Israel, a foreigner in exile. 20 You arrived only recently, and should I force you today to wander with us? I don’t even know where we will go. Go on back and take your kinsmen with you, and may the Lord show you his unfailing love and faithfulness.[b]21 But Ittai said to the king, “I vow by the Lord and by your own life that I will go wherever my lord the king goes, no matter what happens—whether it means life or death.” 22 David replied, “All right, come with us.” So Ittai and all his men and their families went along.

David’s own son had ganged up against him, and his life was in danger. Then, as David was going to face Absalom, he spoke to Ittai, a man who had sworn allegiance to him, encouraging him to go back to his land with his family, as David was riding into danger rather than Paradise. Funny enough, Ittai hailed from Gath – the city where Goliath hailed from. Yet, he was loyal to a fault – to David. He was ready to give his life up for David, not because he was obliged to, but because he desired to do so.

In the end, David won the war over Absalom, with Ittai being one of his army managers (2 Samuel 18). What can we learn from this?

  • First, loyalty is a very great strength. In the world of today, there are very few loyal people; most people are only looking for people to use and dump. But, those few people who are loyal are as precious as gold, in my opinion. Loyalty is a gift and blessing unto others; and it can help save lives (as in David’s case). Loyalty can set you apart as a man or woman of character among a crowd of 10,000 people. I thereby encourage you to be loyal – be loyal to your family, be loyal to your spouses and loved ones, be loyal to your company or boss, be loyal to every cause you are involved with. Loyalty shows a rare depth of character.
  • Second, David was a man after GOD’s heart (1 Samuel 13: 14), and he therefore had the gift of men. When he was in the time of need, GOD sent men like Ittai who were loyal so much they’d die for him, to help him win the war. That is how Awesome GOD is, and that is how HE helps those who love HIM.

Finally, endeavor to be loyal to those around you and they will absolutely appreciate you for it!


Have a blessed week in JESUS’ Name!

May the LORD bless the study of HIS Awesome Word in JESUS’ Name!

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